Flamenco Bites is dedicated to helping you understand the art of flamenco.

It's the place to find inspiration, tutorials and a community of flamenco dancers just like you.

Flamenco Bites is brought to you by Renae and Jose

Flamenco Bites is brought to you by Renae and Jose

Flamenco Bites is brought to you by Renae Harvey (Australia) and José Merino (Madrid)

You may think we started this website simply because we adore flamenco dance. Well, that’s true! But more importantly, we created Flamenco Bites because we care about helping other people find their way into discovering this incredible art form.

Flamenco Bites is your one-stop destination for all the inspired instruction and resources you need to grow into the dancer you were meant to be.

Flamenco Bites will help you understand flamenco

At Flamenco Bites, we believe that anyone can dance, all you need is help to discover what your body can do. 

Our mission is to empower you as a dancer and musician. We’ll teach you the basics of flamenco rhythm, get you started with flamenco footwork, flamenco body technique and give you the confidence to try dancing with a guitarist in your area.

We'll also connect you with artists in Spain who are waiting to share their knowledge with you using online conferencing technology.

Ultimately we are here to help you. If you've ever wondered "What are the accents in a compás of Soleá?" or "What is the structure of an Alegrías?", then you have come to the right place!


Who we are..


José Merino

José Merino is an international dance artist, teacher and choreographer. 

Jose made his professional debut with BALLET DE MADRID led by José Granero. A former dancer with the acclaimed BALLET NACIONAL DE ESPANA, he performed the role of soloist and first-dancer for many productions and has toured extensively throughout the world. He has worked with and been a guest artist with the renowned company of Antonio Canales and the company of Karine Saporta - National Center of Normandy (France) among many others.


Renae Harvey

I'm Renae and I have been studying flamenco dance for the last 15 years. I have been lucky enough to perform with some amazing singers and guitarists and also study with some inspiring dancers including my friend José who is working with me on Flamenco Bites.

I understand the thrill and excitement of discovering flamenco and then that daunting feeling when you realise just how much there is to learn and wondering whether you'll ever be able to do it.  I know the satisfaction that comes from mastering a dance and then being able to connect with a guitarist and singer to create a performance so unique and so personal. It's the reason why I'll be dancing as long as my legs will carry me.

Like many students of flamenco who have studied outside of Spain I am still finding gaps in my knowledge and so while I hope this website will help fill the gaps in your knowledge, I will also be learning along with you.