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Are you just winging it?


Practising, going to classes, learning choreographies?

Or do you have a plan for how to progress your understanding of flamenco and your flamenco dancing?

If you are winging it, don't feel bad because you aren't alone. For most of my flamenco dance career that's what I've been doing too.

For a while it worked.

In the early days I did make improvements in my dancing and I increased my knowledge of flamenco using whatever sources I could find. But as I continued I started to realise that there were things missing, it was like my progress stalled and I couldn't find a way to improve.

All that changed when I met José Merino.

Meeting José changed everything for me. He gave me focus, he told me what I did well and what I needed to improve.

The biggest change I made was going right back to the beginning and re-learning basic dance technique.

Luckily, I was able to find someone like José with the patience and desire to help me.

Since then I've made huge progress and am able to enjoy and feel fulfilled every time I put on my flamenco dance shoes. I still have a long way to go, flamenco is a life long journey, but now I really feel like I'm starting to understand AND I feel more confident when I dance which means I can spend time working on how I can express myself as a dancer.

Of course it isn't only dance technique that I study with José.

Together we study flamenco rhythm, guitar (aural studies) and cante in order to slowly build awareness and understanding of flamenco music.

I sometimes think about learning flamenco as a long slow, awakening. Bit by bit, day by day as you listen, move and study, your body and mind slowly awaken to the cante, to the compás and to the music.

But in order for that awakening to occur you need to expose yourself to flamenco everyday.

You need to make it a part of your life.

Before I met José I studied flamenco for 15 years. I began in Australia and then continued in London where I lived for 10 years. I had regular technique classes that I would attend and I would go to workshops with visiting dancers whenever I could afford them.

It was difficult though because I was never sure how to use the information I had learnt from the various workshops.

How does the choreography relate to the cante? What happens when the singer doesn't sing the way you need in order to be able to perform the choreography that you have spent so much time learning? Hint - you need to improvise, singers can sing however they like - I learnt that the hard way... 😉

So when I met and began studying with José I had so many moments where I would think.... Aaargh I wish I'd known that 10 years ago!

Those moments were the impetus for creating Flamenco Bites.

We wanted to create a source for dance students all over the world who don't have the funds or the opportunity to come to Spain, or who don't have the classes available to be able to study flamenco dance.

Everything we put in our classes is what you would learn if you came to study with José in Madrid.

José doesn't hold anything back, he wants you to become the flamenco dancer you dream of becoming.



danza estudio Flamenco Bites (or 'deFB', for short) is our online flamenco dance studio.

It is a library of all of our classes and courses and is continually being updated.

As a member of deFB you get access to everything.

Here is a quick look at the classes that are already waiting for you inside deFB...

'Fundamentals of Flamenco Dance', our flagship course is a complete program that takes you from studying dance technique to learning a complete choreography for Fandango de Huelva. The highlight of this course is a class where José explains how his choreography connects to the cante. How to interpret the choreography for the singer you are dancing with and what happens when things don't go as planned.

'The Art of the Flamenco Skirt', an introduction to the technique for using the flamenco skirt with your dancing. There is more to it than you might imagine. This class is suitable for dancers of all levels and you can use what you learn with all of your dancing.

'10 days to Better Rhythm', this course is not a dance class but rather a series of exercises designed to help you connect your body to rhythm. All flamenco dancers need an impeccable sense of rhythm and it can be a big challenge to develop. With this course you can work on your sense of rhythm in just 10 minutes a day.

.... that's just to name a few!

These classes are perfect for flamenco dance students with a year or two (or more) of flamenco dance experience.

But what if you have a question or you get stuck trying to figure out a step in one of the classes? Who can you ask for help?

The answer to that question is that you can ask us!

All deFB members are invited to join our private facebook group where we have regular Q&A sessions. You can wait until we announce a session to ask your question or you can just post in the group whenever something comes up and we'll help you.

When you join our community you are no longer on your own trying to figure everything out.

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