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Technique and choreography (Fandango de Huelva) for advanced beginner dancers.

*Spanish with English subtitles*


Footwork technique for absolute beginner dancers.



Music class for flamenco dancers - soleá and alegrías.

*English and Spanish with subtitles*


What danza estudio Flamenco Bites members are saying


"I have been taking flamenco class for a number of years with various teachers but I have a lot of holes of understanding. This on-going instruction is just what I need and crave. Plus I can rewind and repeat until I have it down."

Holly - Flamenco dance student / Mexico

"Excellent course! I strongly recommend it to intermediate flamenco dancers. This course takes basic flamenco technique, compás and communication with guitar and singer to the next level. The course flow, structure and quality are fantastic and the explanations are clear. I enjoyed it a lot and found it very rewarding and insightful."

Merce - Flamenco dance student / Costa Rica


"I am totally thrilled with the Fundamentals of Flamenco Dance! The course seemed easy at first....but has proved to be quite challenging! I’m loving every minute of it! The way you have shot the video for this class is wonderful! There’s no struggling to see details of the feet. etc."

Mimi - Flamenco dance student / USA


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How long do I have access to the courses?
As long as you remain a paying member you will have access to all of the course videos and PDF downloads.

What format is the content delivered in?
The course materials are delivered as streamed video content and PDF course workbooks.

Can I share my membership with a friend?
No, the purchase of a danza estudio Flamenco Bites membership is for personal use only and sharing of your personal login is not permitted.

What level of flamenco dance do I need?
There are courses of varying levels from complete beginner up to intermediate. If you need help deciding what to study we will be happy to help you choose a course based on your needs.

What is your membership cancellation policy?
You can cancel your subscription at any time. The minimum subscription period is one month. When you cancel your membership you'll keep access through to your next renewal date, at which time your account will be converted to a Basic Free membership. To cancel just send an email to hello [at] flamencobites.com.

Why should I join? I am kinda busy right now.
Because  the sooner you devote some time to your flamenco study and practice the closer you will be to achieving your goals!

Will it work for me if...?
There is no way to get around the fact that if you want to be a confident, accomplished flamenco dancer then you need to devote some time to practice. If you are someone who is motivated and ready to learn then you will benefit from everything we have available in our online studio. And if you need help we are here! You are never on your own.

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