Our course 'Fundamentals of Flamenco Dance' was built to give dancers around the world the same technical grounding that they would receive if they were to study in Spain.

We start the course by learning the compás of Fandango de Huelva and then using the rhythm of this palo as the foundation, we work on fundamental technique for palmas, footwork, arms, quiebro, use of the head (gaze) and more. 

We then progress and build on this technique by sharing with you a baile choreographed by José Merino for Fandango de Huelva. 

To complete the course we invite a singer into the studio as José takes each part of his choreography and explains the connection between the guitar and the cante as well as his ideas on interpretation of the cante.

Dear Renae,
Hats off to you, José and all those who worked on this project. I do a little online training at my work and I have to say that this is an excellent format and the content is outstanding. You included all of components that I need at this time. I have never worked with Fandango before so your course was educational for me in more ways than just dance.
— Ann, Fundamentals of Flamenco Dance Student