Flamenco dance classes online for beginner to improver flamenco dance students

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Learn 3 marcajes for tangos that will challenge your dance technique and coordination.


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What you’ll learn in this class

We'll review the compás (rhythmic pattern) of tangos as well as a basic palmas pattern.

You'll learn 3 different marcajes for tangos that challenge different aspects of technique and coordination.

You'll learn a simple llamada for tangos using a traditional rhythmic shape that you'll be able to practice at home.


**This class is aimed at advanced beginner level dancers**


"There was a free class 'Marcaje por Tangos'. One marcaje that I thought was easy, I couldn’t do. But the way Renae broke it down and explained, it was so clear and a few days later I was able to do it."

- Chie, Upstate New York