Flamenco Fundamentals is brought to you by Renae and José at Flamenco Bites

If you've been studying flamenco dance for a while then you know how difficult it can be to find good information so you can keep learning and improving.

Despite your best efforts, sometimes it feels as if you struggle to make progress.


Our mission at Flamenco Bites is to help you follow your passion for flamenco dance.


Our course 'Fundamentals of Flamenco Dance' was built to give dancers around the world the same technical grounding that they would receive if they were to study in Spain.

We start the course by learning the compás of Fandango de Huelva and then using the rhythm of this palo as the foundation, we work on fundamental technique for palmas, footwork, arms, quiebro, use of the head (gaze) and more. 

We then progress and build on this technique by sharing with you a baile choreographed by José Merino for Fandango de Huelva. 

To complete the course we invite a singer into the studio as José takes each part of his choreography and explains the connection between the guitar and the cante as well as his ideas on interpretation of the cante.


Dear Renae,
Hats off to you, José and all those who worked on this project. I do a little online training at my work and I have to say that this is an excellent format and the content is outstanding. You included all of components that I need at this time. I have never worked with Fandango before so your course was educational for me in more ways than just dance.
— Ann, Fundamentals of Flamenco Dance Student

Here are a couple reasons why studying fundamental technique should be your top priority:

1. As adult dancers coming to flamenco we often skip the basics and jump straight to learning choreographies without really understanding the movements that we are trying to do. In the end we hit a wall when we want to try and do more advanced movements because we just don't have the foundational strength and coordination that we need to succeed.

2. In dance the body is the instrument for non-verbal communication. Through the discipline of technique study we work to develop a wide vocabulary of movement and kinaesthetic awareness which allows us greater freedom when it comes time to express ourselves when we dance.

No, there isn’t a “magic pill” you can take that will give you all the technique you need overnight. But by focusing your studies on the fundamentals (the most important elements not the easiest) you will develop the skills you need to express yourself and your passion for flamenco. 

Course Curriculum


Palmas por Fandango de Huelva

Marcaje con brazos abajo

Varaciones de marcajes

Marcaje con pies

Marcaje con contratiempo

Remate por Fandango de Huelva


Palmas por Fandango de huelva

Técnica de pies 

Juego de pies 

Colocación de brazos 

Técnica de manos

Paso combinado




Inicio de Fandango de Huelva

Primer estribillo

Remate del estribillo

Primera letra

Remate de la letra




Calentamiento de pies

Introducción al cambio de variaciones

Variación con Laura

Variación con Rocío

Variación con Renae

Marcaje por Fandango de Huelva



Special Bonus Class - 

Introducción al cante por Fandango de Huelva

In this class José talks about each piece of the choreography in relation to the cante and guitar while giving his insights into the performance and interpretation of the choreography.

CLASS 5 - BAILE POR FANDANGO (with guitar accompaniment)


Segunda letra

Remate de la letra

Segundo estribillo / Final



Also included - 2 pre-recorded Q&A sessions with Renae and José

Your Instructor

José Merino is an international dance artist, teacher and choreographer.

José made his professional debut with BALLET DE MADRID led by José Granero. A former dancer with the acclaimed BALLET NACIONAL DE ESPANA, where he performed the role of soloist and first-dancer for many productions and has toured extensively throughout the world. He has worked with and been a guest artist with the renowned company of Antonio Canales and the company of Karine Saporta - National Center of Normandy (France) among many others.

Through his dance studio in Madrid and many international workshops José has inspired hundreds of flamenco dance students to discover their unique flamenco style through hard work and learning to dance with their heart.

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Discover the art of flamenco skirt technique with this short technique class from José Merino.

Discover the art of flamenco skirt technique with this short technique class from José Merino.

Learn the correct technique for two flamenco turns. The 'vuelta de pecho' (turn of the chest) and the 'vuelta de tacón' (turn of the heel).

Learn the correct technique for two flamenco turns. The 'vuelta de pecho' (turn of the chest) and the 'vuelta de tacón' (turn of the heel).


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to this course?

As long as you remain a subscriber you will have access to all of the course videos.

What format is the course content delivered in?

The course materials are shared as streamed video content and PDF course workbooks.

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No, with the course subscription the videos are available for streaming only. All of the PDF workbooks are available to download and keep. 

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What level of flamenco dance do I need to do this course?

This course is aimed at dancers with some knowledge and experience of flamenco dance (1 to 2 years). It is not a course for complete beginners however José does cover the basic fundamental technique for all movements. Complete beginners will find the choreography challenging.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. The minimum subscription period is for one month. You'll keep access through your next renewal date, at which time your account will be converted to a Basic Free membership. 

Dear Renae and Jose,
I am totally thrilled with the Fundamentals of Fandangos! The course seemed easy at first....but has proved to be quite challenging! I’m loving every minute of it! The way you have shot the video for this class is wonderful! There’s no struggling to see details of the feet. etc.
— Mimi, Fundamentals of Flamenco Dance Student
Thank you so much Renae and José for presenting such an informative and helpful course and for making yourselves so available to support those of us on our flamenco journey. You are absolute gems.
— Serena, Fundamentals of Flamenco Dance Student

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