The Flamenco Bites Community Rules


Our FREE Facebook community is a place to come together to share insights, tips, questions, answers and most importantly support for one another in their flamenco journey.

Which is why we created and enforce these rules.

Please read through all of them as we have a zero-tolerance policy and you will be removed and banned if you break any of the rules. 



Please do not post promotional material of any kind except on threads where explicitly invited.

What do we consider self-promotion? 

- Selling anything - that means products (flamenco shoes, skirts, castanets etc..), classes, courses, workshops, performances.

- Promoting your webinar, live broadcast, survey, polls or event.

- Posting a link to your website, your social profiles or even your personal FB profile.

- Posting affiliate links.

- Posting your own content (blog posts, videos, photos, infographics etc..) in the group and not in a specific (and relevant) thread.

This includes posting links to surveys or creating polls or surveys in the group, posting photos with your social handles, URLs or business name on them.

- Posting “free” offers. These will be deleted and you will be removed…even if you have the best of intentions.

- Posting content that is the length of a blog post, even if there is no link attached.

If we have to scroll, scroll, scroll to read your post, we encourage you to post it on your own site and not in the group as it will be deleted.

- Posting market research related questions.

**Note: We may break our own rule and promote something if we feel as though it is of service to the group. We reserve that right as it is our group and community.  If you are not cool with that, it’s best you remove yourself now.**



No posting or sharing your own videos (live or pre-recorded)—whether it’s from your personal profile, your FB page, your YouTube account or your website.

We do not have the time to watch your videos to make sure they are promo-free, which is why there are no videos allowed.

The ONLY exception is sharing videos of the great flamenco artists that inspire you.

Again, these CANNOT be your own videos. 



This group is not the place to complain about your teacher or class.

If you are struggling to understand a particular step, technique or palo we'd love to try and help you. Write a post in the group and see what you can learn from your fellow dancers.



Please be supportive and respectful at all times.

Anyone using negative or aggressive language will be immediately removed from the group.



Provide genuine and helpful feedback and suggestions to others.

Ask questions.

Give answers.



If you have a question about why your post was deleted, it’s because you broke the rules.

If you were removed from the group, it’s because you broke the rules.

If you want to know whether you can post something in the group (and you are using it as a way of remotely growing your business), don’t post it.

Finally, we ask that you respect the time of our Admins and owners and not PM them through Facebook as they will not respond.

And if you don't agree with ALL of these rules, kindly remove yourself from the group.

Other than that, let's have some fun!