How to use a metronome in your flamenco dance practice [part 1]

One of the most important and the most difficult elements of studying flamenco dance is the necessity of developing a sense of rhythm or compás.

As humans our perception of time is subjective.

I recently went to the cinema to watch a movie that was 3 hours long (Avengers Endgame have you seen it?) but I didn’t notice the time at all. Normally if a movie is too long I notice it first with some discomfort physical discomfort, but here I was engrossed for the whole 3 hours and I bounced out of the screening room with a spring in my step.

The last time I had to wait 10 minutes in a traffic jam it felt like hours!

Can you relate?

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Llamada por Alegrías [Miguel Téllez]

Miguel Téllez, a respected and talented dancer from Jerez, recently joined us in the studio to record a masterclass for Alegrías which will be published soon inside danza estudio Flamenco Bites.

Here we share a llamada por alegrías that Miguel shared in the class which is used to call in the first of two verses. This llamada (and the masterclass) is suitable for intermediate dancers.

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How to use your gaze to add weight to your salida

Today we want to share with you an excerpt from a masterclass that Jose taught for our members last year.

The class was for the palo of Soleá por Bulerías and to begin the short combination that José created he set 3 compás of palmas as the salida or entrance before the first llamada.

Before we get started here is a question for you.

How often have you had to do palmas before the first official ‘step’ of a dance or combination and just spent the whole time you were doing the palmas thinking about that first step?

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Q&A with Aliesha Bryan

Twice a month for our members, José and I do a live Q&A session where we answer any questions that have come up during the previous two weeks.

For our last session, José was away but luckily I had received an email from one of our members Aliesha who was in Madrid studying for the summer.

I invited her to the studio to join me for the members Q&A and we had a great conversation which you can see in the video below.

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