How to use your gaze to add weight to your salida

Today we want to share with you an excerpt from a masterclass that Jose taught for our members last year.

The class was for the palo of Soleá por Bulerías and to begin the short combination that José created he set 3 compás of palmas as the salida or entrance before the first llamada.

Before we get started here is a question for you.

How often have you had to do palmas before the first official ‘step’ of a dance or combination and just spent the whole time you were doing the palmas thinking about that first step?

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Q&A with Aliesha Bryan

Twice a month for our members, José and I do a live Q&A session where we answer any questions that have come up during the previous two weeks.

For our last session, José was away but luckily I had received an email from one of our members Aliesha who was in Madrid studying for the summer.

I invited her to the studio to join me for the members Q&A and we had a great conversation which you can see in the video below.

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Flamenco BitesComment
How to keep practicing basic technique interesting

This past Friday in the Flamenco Bites Community I posted a question asking everyone what they had practiced the day before.

One of the dancers that replied said they were working on footwork drills until their teacher returned from a trip to Spain but that they found it difficult because they get bored from doing repetitive drills.

This is normal, repetition can be boring but it is so valuable that we must make time for it.

To help with this type of practice I thought I would share a few of the ways that I keep things interesting when I practice fundamentals.

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