Tecnica de los brazos {Basic marcaje}


Macaje or marking is one of the elements that make up the tool box of the flamenco dancer. What we are marking is the rhythm of course so that the flamenco guitarist can follow us.

Everything we do as a flamenco dancer has to have compás, you need to be clear and you need to be confident. 

Next time you are with another dancer ask them to do some marking and see if you know what the rhythm is, you'll soon find out if the dancer is not clear you'll have no chance of following along with your palmas. 

Anyway, I'll hop off that soap box for a while to show you this step. I am actually doing two things - I'm marking with my arms and also with my feet. 

If you are still working out how to coordinate your body you can just do your arms until you are confident and then bring your feet into the mix.

Important things to remember are: 

  • the upper body is in a neutral position, not leaning forward or back.
  • arms are curved and elbows are lifted.
  • knees have a gentle plié (bend).
  • your weight doesn't change, the foot that marks the rhythm taps the floor in front of you and then comes back in beneath your hips.