Flamenco Bites 2015 Survey Results

Flamenco Bites 2015 survey results 

We were very thankful for the number of readers who participated in last week's annual blog survey. Thank you again to those of you who gave up a couple minutes of your day to weigh in with some feedback. It was extremely helpful to read about what you enjoy most about Flamenco Bites and learn what we could be doing better, but it was even more fun to get to know you and read about your interests. We really appreciate your honest answers and we're very thankful that you've been following along.

One thing we didn't realise was how many people had been referred to our website by their teachers! Wow - thank you teachers! We are aimed at helping beginner to intermediate level dancers but we are very interested in helping flamenco dance teachers around the world. Stay tuned for more on this!

It wouldn't be fair to keep all of the results to ourselves, so we're sharing them on the blog today!

How would you describe your flamenco level?

How old are you?

Where do you live?

Do you have a regular flamenco dance class in your town?

Which types of our flamenco dance tutorials, if any, have you used and incorporated into your flamenco practice?

Which types of posts do you enjoy the most?

What would you like to see more of on Flamenco Bites?

Are you able to understand the movement being taught in the tutorials? Is there anything about the presentation of our information you would change?

Generally you could all understand what we are trying to teach in our tutorials (thank goodness!). Sometimes you have problems with the video and sound not syncing (hmm - I'll be looking in to that) and you also said that you like it when we film each  movement from the back as well as the front and side.

What is your biggest struggle when learning flamenco dance?

The answers to this question were very enlightening. The majority of your struggles were technique and rhythm (compás) related which is to be expected but also a lot of you said that finding time to practice was a problem. 

"I think its learning the technique well. Being afraid of practicing alone and doing something incorrectly while thinking its correct. Maybe we should record ourselves and get your feedback. Not sure how practical that is."

"Posture, decisive movements, practising footwork without annoying neighbours"

"There are so many things going on in Flamenco - arms, foot work, expression, it's hard to get it all right."

"Coordination of body and footwork; understanding how to communicate with the musicians and knowing how to enter and exit as a dancer; learning advanced compas and perfecting contratiempo"

"Learning about the structure of each form and what type of movements go with each part."

"Retention of steps in memory, sometimes braceo, sometimes contratiempo, putting braceo together with footwork"

If you could ask for anything, what type of course would you want to see Flamenco Bites produce?

This question was to help us try and understand what we could produce that would be most helpful to you and also to us so we can try to earn some money to help us continue to work and produce information for the website. Learning choreography was very popular but we would only do that as long as we could explain why the choreography is a certain way (learning how to copy steps is not learning how to dance flamenco!) - a big task to say the least but we have a thinking caps on.  Thank you so much for your ideas!

"A course that could teach a whole choreography and the technique behind it. I would love to learn about the sentimiento flamenco, and how the dance integrates with the music and cante"

"An interactive online flamenco meetup to practice working with dance, cante, guitar and palmas!"

"Analyzing the dance structure in relation to cante and guitar. A conversation between all flamenco ensemble"

"Bulerias! When and how to enter/exit"

"I would like to see a plan or progression for beginners - like a road-map that helps me to structure my learning. That way I can take what I am learning online and combine with what I am learning "live". Also, I would love to attend a Flamenco Bites Instensive wherever you are."

Why do you visit the Flamenco Bites blog?

We were really blown away by your answers here - thank you so much!

"A friend sent my the link and I fell in love w/ your site. I LOVE the narratives you include, too, which show understanding for a beginner's mindset and the situation of trying to fit Flamenco into a busy day. Your work is inspiring! And I LOVE it that you are diving into fine tuning and revamping by reaching out through this survey. You two rock!"

"You share a lot of your experience which wonderful and generous. Love tapping into tutorials and taking part in the different types of classes or workshops you offer. Also, generally think your initiative is great so want to support."

"Great information!"

"love what you guys do, very innovative in the flamenco sphere"

"It's inspiring especially at the time when there is no flamenco support system too close by and I only have my own practice and beginners classes to teach."

"As a teacher, I enjoy seeing your take on simple movements and techniques"

"For inspiration and information"

"I love the writing style- tips -pearls of wisdom. Very helpful and always is about more than JUST a step."

"I love it - I love the information, I love your personalities, your warmth, enthusiasm, your complete open handedness in all that you share - which is inspiring and challenging - because you are both absolutely committed to maintaining the high standards of flamenco."

"Love the inspirations & "helpful hints""

"My instructor sent something over the break. I subscribed and can't believe I've lived without it for so long."

"Very educational and not intimidating at all - friendly"

"You guys are awesome and have great information. Please continue. We need this."

"Because I will never learn too much - I was forwarded the link and got hooked with José's first remate!!!"

Thank you to everyone who took the time to give us your thoughts. José and I are committed to growing Flamenco Bites and your help as we try to do this is gratefully received.

The survey is still open if you didn't see it last week and you would like to tell us what you think!

Flamenco Bites 2015 Reader Survey