4 week compás challenge

 Flamenco Bites 4 week compás challenge | www.flamencobites.com

This month I want to do something a bit different.

To help those of you who are practicing at home or trying to supplement your class practice I thought it would be fun to organize a month long challenge that focuses your attention on one element of your training and gives us all a chance to work together and support each other.

Since the basis of flamenco is rhythm we are going to start with a challenge to focus on improving your compás.

Each week I will post a suggested training program which you can follow along with or use as inspiration for your own program.

1. Pick a step

In order to measure your progress I recommend choosing one step that is a little challenging for you that you can work on through out the month. The focus of your work will be to improve your control of rhythm but you will also use one step to measure how you go. Take a video of your self on the first day and then keep track of your progress through out the month.

If you aren't sure which step to pick here are some suggestions:




2. Start moving

We'll officially start on May 5 (that's tomorrow), but you can start whenever makes sense for you. Take a video (or pic) of your chosen step and post it on instagram with #FBcompás. If we get a group together we can all say hello and support each other while we are practicing.

Follow the suggested schedule, it'll be posted on Tuesday of each week and if you have questions or need support you can send me an email and I'll do what I can to help.

You can also say hello to us on instagram or twitter we're @flamencobites

3. Have fun!

The most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing. If you can do some practice each day you will me surprised at how far you can progress in a month.

Don't put any pressure on yourself, there is no need. Just let your body move and see what happens.

To help you get started I have put together a short workbook that will help you keep a record of where you are when you start and what you will be working on.

You can refer back to it throughout the month and see how things have changed.



Are you ready to get started? If you are let us know!