A quick introduction to studying cante flamenco

How to start studying cante flamenco - a short lesson for flamenco dance students | www.flamencobites.com

One of the things we want to focus on this year is the connection between cante flamenco (the flamenco song) with flamenco dance and guitar.

You see we are often asked why we don't just teach choreography - people say they would happily pay for a video that would teach them short tangos or bulerias. Maybe a longer choreography for solea or alegrias.  

But here is the thing, it is easy to learn choreography. Well not not that easy but relatively speaking anyone can learn how to copy another dancer.

When you are a beginner, copying is good but you also need to understand that it is not the end destination for flamenco dancers.

You need to understand the cante and be able to respond to it with your unique expression.

That is what makes flamenco such a beautiful art form.

You want to understand the structure of flamenco dance? You need to understand cante.

How do you learn about cante? Good question because it's hard! Especially if you are learning flamenco outside of Spain.

For today we have a short video to share that will help you get started.

Watch the video below to learn José's advice on how you can start learning about cante flamenco.



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