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Llamada por Alegrías [Miguel Téllez]

Miguel Téllez, a respected and talented dancer from Jerez, recently joined us in the studio to record a masterclass for Alegrías which will be published soon inside danza estudio Flamenco Bites.

Here we share a llamada por alegrías that Miguel shared in the class which is used to call in the first of two verses. This llamada (and the masterclass) is suitable for intermediate dancers.

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Flamenco Rhythm {Alegrías con palmas}

Here is the second video for the rhythm of alegrías. José joins Manuel to demonstrate the typical palmas patterns for alegrías.

After recording these videos (and some more for bulerías but that is another story) the conversation turned to whether flamenco rhythm and music can be broken down enough to be explained and taught.

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Flamenco Rhythm {Alegrías}

Alegrías is a favourite among many students of flamenco. It is a lively rhythm with an upbeat tempo that can be challenging for beginners.

We have created two videos for this rhythm, the first is a video of 'El Marmol' playing the basic compas of alegrías.

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Escobilla por Alegrías - 4 different steps

The definition of the word escobilla is 'brush' and it gets its name from a particular step that is very famous for being used in the escobilla por alegrías.

This step of which there are many variations incorporates the brushing of the front of the foot across the floor away from and then back in towards the body.

We've got 4 variations for you. The first one is the easiest difficulty level and the last one is quite advanced. 

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