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Marcaje por Bulerias

The simple steps are often the best.

Sure you can have a whole dance full of crazy tricks and super fast footwork but where through of all that where do you get to really be inside the movement, to feel it fully and dance.

Dancing por bulerias is a classic case - the speed of the rhythm is fast, everyone around you is building the high energy with their palmas and shouts of encouragement and you can easily get carried away. 

A good bulerías has space and breath in the movement.

For this you need a good repertoire of marcaje with some show-stopping remates sprinkled in. The marcaje that we are showing you today is one you can keep for just this reason.

Click through to learn the marcaje...

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DOCE BEATS CADA DÍA - Llamada por Bulerías tutorial

The first time I danced bulerías, I mean really danced bulerías, I felt like the music and the song were going to lift me up and fly me out of the room. It wasn't at a juerga or the end of a performance, it was at an impromptu class that turned into a jam session.

We were a small group of students and friends and we had been laughing and enjoying the class so much that by the time we got to the end and each took turns performing for each other we had no sense of being self-conscious, we just each did our thing and took as much joy in dancing as in encouraging each other to dance.

Since that time I have loved bulerías as much as I have struggled with it but when its good its really good.

Today we have a tutorial for a llamada for bulerías. Its the one that José danced at the end of his bulerías for Doce Beats Cada Día.

Click through to learn the llamada...

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