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How do you count compás?

Compás (the rhythmic cycle of each palo) is the most important element to understand if you want to dance flamenco.

Without control of the compás (rhythmic pattern) for each palo it just doesn't happen. 

If you've been studying for a while and trying to figure things out you might have noticed that different people have different ideas about how to count or describe the compás of a palo.

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Flamenco Rhythm {Fandango de Huelva}

Fandango de Huelva is a fundamental palo (style) of flamenco.

Within the branch of flamenco known as fandango there are styles known as 'fandangos locales' or 'fandangos comarcales' and also 'fandangos personales' which are sometimes known as 'fandangos artisticos' or 'fandangos naturales'.

Fandango de Huelva is a regional style of fandango (fandangos locales) and within this regional style there are even more variations that are connected to local areas within Huelva as well as personal styles of different singers. 

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Flamenco Rhythm {Alegrías}

Alegrías is a favourite among many students of flamenco. It is a lively rhythm with an upbeat tempo that can be challenging for beginners.

We have created two videos for this rhythm, the first is a video of 'El Marmol' playing the basic compas of alegrías.

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