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Marcaje con cadera

Today we have for you a simple marcaje that you will find you can use in many different situations and as an exercise you can use it to work on developing movement of the hips.

Each video below is a different layer of movement with the last video at the bottom combining everything together.

Firstly let's look at the feet.

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What is Marcaje?

Marcaje which translates to 'marking' is a step that is used throughout a flamenco dance but it is particularly used when the singer is singing.

It refers to the marking of the beats of the compás (rhythmic cycle) by the dancer. 

Now you can mark the beat of a compás just by walking in compás and that is something you should be able to do but marcaje also refers to certain steps or movements that are commonly used in different choreographies.

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Marcaje por seguiriya

This is the first tutorial we've ever done for the compás of seguiriya.

This marcaje is not for beginners but if you've been dancing for a few years and you want to try it, have a go.

This will challenge your sense of compás, your balance and your ability to change your focus (direction) in one beat.

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Marcaje por soleá

This marcaje por soleá is interesting, I had fun trying to figure out what was going on. 

As we discussed in the last tutorial - Braceo por soleá - soleá has a slow tempo and therefore we need to practice sustaining our movements. This is by no means an easy thing to do. 

Firstly you need to have a strong understanding of what the compás feels like. Soleá for me has a feeling of breath, a deep breath that comes from the stomach. 

You might find it feels like something completely different, what does it feel like for you? How can you put that into your dancing?

When you try this marcaje that we're going to show you, see what feelings you can layer into the movement. 

Ok, let's learn this!

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Basic Marcaje - Technique for the arms and body

In this tutorial we are going to revisit a basic movement in flamenco dance, marcaje. In this case a marcaje that is performed in situ without moving across the floor. 

The reason for revisiting this movement is that since I recorded the original video I have been working with José on my fundamental technique and my understanding of this movement has changed so I wanted to do an updated version and share everything that I've learnt. 

Firstly why is technique so important? When you watch a flamenco dance performance every dancer seems to have a slightly different technique and it all looks amazing. 

For me it is two things, it allows me to develop strength and a wider movement vocabulary to use when I am dancing and secondly it gives me a chance to become more aware of where my body is in space when it moves. 

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Marcaje por Bulerias

The simple steps are often the best.

Sure you can have a whole dance full of crazy tricks and super fast footwork but where through of all that where do you get to really be inside the movement, to feel it fully and dance.

Dancing por bulerias is a classic case - the speed of the rhythm is fast, everyone around you is building the high energy with their palmas and shouts of encouragement and you can easily get carried away. 

A good bulerías has space and breath in the movement.

For this you need a good repertoire of marcaje with some show-stopping remates sprinkled in. The marcaje that we are showing you today is one you can keep for just this reason.

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DOCE BEATS CADA DÍA - Marcaje por Soleá tutorial

Its a tutorial day! 

Today we have two videos for the marcaje por soleá that José did on Day #16. You can watch the original video here   -  Marcaje por Soleá

In the first video you can watch José demonstrate the step from the front, side and the back. He performs the step once of each side.

In the second video you can see a close up of the feet for each side of the body.

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Solea, MarcajeFlamenco Bites