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#MyFlamencoStory - Laura {Portland, Oregon}

We're very lucky to have a special guest for our latest #myflamencostory installment.

Today's interview is with Laura Onizuka a flamenco dancer and teacher from Portland, Oregon who writes about flamenco dance at her website Portland Flamenco Events and also organizes tours to Spain to study flamenco with amazing teachers in small intimate groups.

We hope you enjoy reading about Laura's experiences learning and teaching flamenco.

Click through to read the interview...

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MyFlamencoStoryRenae Harvey
#MyFlamencoStory - Eneida {Campinas, Brazil}

José and I would like to introduce to you Eneida, a 37 year-old designer from Campinas - Brazil who is very kindly sharing her #MyFlamencoStory with us this month.
Keep reading to find out how Eneida got started learning flamenco dance and how she has incorporated her passion for flamenco dance into her life as a graphic designer.

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