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Anatomy of a step {Marcaje por Tangos}

The title of this post is 'Anatomy of a step' but really what we want to try and explain with today's videos if how you can start with a relatively simple marking step (in this case for tangos) and add layers of movement to it to transform it into something that can be pretty spectacular.

There are 4 videos that show the progression of the transformation starting with the feet marking the rhythm of tangos. 

If you are a beginner you can start working with the movement in the first video and stay there for a while, if you've been dancing a bit longer take the opportunity to get back to basics and understand each part of this movement.

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Flamenco Rhythm {Tangos con palmas}

Once you've been practicing for a while you'll naturally find a rhythm that you are happy to work in. For me that rhythm was tangos, for a long time when ever we would work on footwork or marcaje or palmas in class i would relax and thiink 'Hah! this is so easy! I can do this with my eyes closed'.

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Flamenco Rhythm {Tangos}

Tangos is one of my favourite flamenco rhythms. I love the swing and playfulness of the music. It is also a slightly easier rhythm for beginners to pick up because the shape of the rhythm is similar to what we grow up listening to.

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Flamenco Musicality {Llamada por Tangos}

Musicality in dance means to have an awareness and comprehension of the music and rhythm, to connect to it and interepret it through movement. 

Over time I'd like to explore the different elements of flamenco dance with regard to musicality and the shape of the rhythm. I'm diving into an infinite pool here but I think there are some things we can look at to get started.

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