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What is an escobilla?

In english the word ‘escobilla’ translates to ‘brush’.

In the context of flamenco dance the escobilla refers to the section of a baile dedicated to footwork or as it is known in flamenco dance, zapateado.

The escobilla provides the opportunity for the dancer to demonstrate their virtuosity and command of rhythm through intricate patterns of footwork combined with upper body movement that can be quite spectacular.

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What is Marcaje?

Marcaje which translates to 'marking' is a step that is used throughout a flamenco dance but it is particularly used when the singer is singing.

It refers to the marking of the beats of the compás (rhythmic cycle) by the dancer. 

Now you can mark the beat of a compás just by walking in compás and that is something you should be able to do but marcaje also refers to certain steps or movements that are commonly used in different choreographies.

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What is a llamada?

Today we are going to take a look at the llamada.

The word llamada comes from the Spanish verb llamar - 'to call'. You can translate the word llamada to mean a 'call' in english. 

So who is doing the calling, who is being called and what are you trying to say when you call?

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