Coming from another dance style to flamenco

Coming from another dance style to flamenco |

People who are inspired to learn flamenco dance come from all backgrounds, often people who have never danced before.

However there are many of us that come to flamenco after having studied a different style of dance some perhaps for quite some time.

How do you make the jump from being an experienced Ballet, Tap, Jazz, African, Contemporary (insert your style here) dancer to studying flamenco?

In making the change you might feel like you have a bigger mountain to climb because in some areas you need to let go of the technique and movement skills that you have built up over many years.

You might feel that your beautiful balletic style bears no resemblance to the flamenco dancers that have inspired you.

Or perhaps making the change from holding your weight up out of the floor to dropping it down seems impossible.

Making the change from following music to leading it is also a big mental leap.

While there will definitely be things that you just need to figure out how to change there will be other qualities from your previous dance experience that you can and should bring with you.

Are you a tap dancer? You already have a developed sense of rhythm and incredibly articulate feet.

Are you a contemporary dancer? Your connection to the way you body moves through all directions in space will help you to create unique lines with your marcaje.

Are you a ballet dancer? Your epaulement will be an great foundation to use when you start exploring quiebro.

African dance? You already have a sense of being grounded and expressive through your upper body. Also a very strong connection to rhythm.

Flamenco is a style that encourages you to find your unique voice as a dancer. You are not supposed to try and look like anyone else.

Use the training and dance experience that you have, don't think of it as something that you need to leave behind.

Have you come from another dance style to flamenco? What has your experience been like in learning a different style? Let us know in the comments below!


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