Contratiempo [Manuel Reyes]

Manuel Reyes - Contratiempo |

Today we have a short tutorial taken from an upcoming class that will soon be available inside danza estudio Flamenco Bites.

Manuel Reyes takes a moment to explain a way of visualising and understanding contratiempo (click this link for a quick introduction) in order to understand where within the compás a section of a remate that he teaches will come in.

Manuel demonstrates a very clever way of thinking about this concept which can seem difficult for beginner flamenco dancers so we thought it would be perfect to share here on the blog.

Click the image below to start the video and watch to the end to view the end of the remate that we work on in the class. In this class we are working with the palo of bulerías we are counting a 12 beat compás.

One last thing if you are very new..

When counting the 12 beat compás in Spanish we don’t use the words ‘once’ for ‘eleven’ and ‘doce’ for ‘twelve’. Numbers one and two are substituted for eleven and twelve instead which means that they’ll be repeated if the compás is counted again.

The 12 beat compás is counted as..


Click the ‘CC’ button on the video player to turn on English subtitles.

Manuel is a gifted teacher and we are so very grateful that he has been able to come in and record a class for our members.

We’ll be sharing more with you soon so keep an eye out!