danza estudio Flamenco Bites | April update

 escobilla por alegrías is the new class now available in danza estudio Flamenco Bites

This post contains all the news for our online flamenco dance studio danza estudio Flamenco Bites.

You can join us at any time for $35USD per month and cancel at any time.

New Class

This week we added a new class that all members have access to right now. In this class Renae teaches a small escobilla por alegrías.

This class is great for practicing your footwork technique and your upper and lower body coordination.  You also learn one way of moving into bulerías for the finale of the dance.

The class is aimed at dancers with improver to intermediate level footwork.

Facebook Group

In our members only facebook group we have done a couple of live streams this month. All the videos are available for members to watch in their own time.

In our latest live stream we talked about how can develop your contratiempo and José gave some great advice about how to practice.

We've also been answering questions about bulerías and simple ways you can get started dancing while still being in the process of studying the cante and the guitar.

Member's blog

This week we posted a slightly more advanced variation of the marcaje por seguiriya that we shared with week.

We started a series of posts (first post looks at the shoulder) which will look at different parts of the body and how you can improve your movement and develop an understanding of your own body.

We also share suggestions of flamenco music/artists that you can listen to to develop your ear for flamenco music and rhythm.

Coming up

We're very excited to announce a new class that will be available for members in May. A technique class for the bata de cola.

 tecnica BATA DE COLA | courses.flamencobites.com

Understanding the technique required for the bata de cola will not only allow you to move and dance with control and ease but it will also help to protect your body from injury.

This class will be exclusively available to danza estudio Flamenco Bites members.