DOCE BEATS CADA DÍA - Pies por Guajira tutorial


I hope you have been enjoying some of the videos we have been posting as part of Doce Beats Cada Día. Have you watched todays video? Jose is back with a  Llamada por Soleá.

As promised we have a few tutorials lined up of some of the steps we have shown you.

The first one is for the footwork I did for the guajira. This little choreography is not really beginner level and includes both chaflán and latiguillo steps (keep an eye out for technique videos coming soon) but I think it has a nice melody and if you can master it you can use this footwork for alegrías or even soleá por bulerías.

Ok here are some things to note.

  1. The step starts on count 12 for the first 4 compás and follows the 'short-short-long' pattern you may know from alegrías footwork. A 'short' step is 6 beats long and a 'long' step is the full 12 beats of the compás.
  2. In the 5th compas for the close (cierre) the three golpes are on counts  1, 2 and 3.

The video below has a run through of the whole step at the beginning and then is broken down 2 compás at a time with a view from the side and then the back which is a slower tempo.

This step is a challenge but remember if you can sing the rhythm you can dance it!