DOCE BEATS CADA DÍA - Marcaje por Soleá tutorial


Its a tutorial day! 

Today we have two videos for the marcaje por soleá that José did on Day #16. You can watch the original video here   -  Marcaje por Soleá

In the first video you can watch José demonstrate the step from the front, side and the back. He performs the step once on each side.

In the second video you can see a close up of the feet for each side of the body.

The step starts on count 12 and marks the accents of the compás 12, 3, 6, 8 and 10.

When you practice this and all marking steps remember that you don't need to take huge steps, keep your feet underneath your hips. 

Marcaje por Soleá - Full Body

Marcaje por Solea - Pies

Solea, MarcajeFlamenco Bites