Don't leave before the magic happens

Don't leave before the magic happens |

When you start learning anything new it is easy to become overwhelmed.

There is so much new information to take in and if things don't click straight away you might think about giving up and moving on to something else.

If you try something and you know instantly that it is not for you, I get it, you just know.

But, it you are here reading this blog post then you are probably a little bit taken with flamenco and you are looking for help/inspiration on how to continue.

Flamenco is challenging, the amount there is to learn is almost infinite. At least that is how it seems to me at times!

'Don't leave before the magic happens.'

Stay for just one more class, and then another.

Before you know it you will have a few more pieces of the puzzle and some things will start to make sense.

You will dance (really dance) you will feel joy (that's the magic) and you will come back for more.

It takes hard work to find the magic but when you do it will change you.

Hopefully you will remember that feeling when things start getting hard again.

If you stop dancing we will never get to see and experience your unique gift.

Wouldn't that be a shame.

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