Footwork Technique {Marcaje con zapateado por bulerías}


'Marcaje con zapateado por bulerías' what a mouthful that one is. Lets take it apart and see what we've got.

Marcaje means 'marking' (the rhythm) con means 'with', zapateado in this case means 'footwork', por means 'for' and we all know what bulerías is. The palo (style) of bulerías.  

So we have 'marking with footwork for bulerías'.

Even though this is a footwork step you can do this step while the singer is singing, this why we have called it marcaje because you are marking the rhythm. 

I'll tell you a secret, I have always known this step as the 'bulerías step', it was only when I asked José what the name of the step was that he gave me the title above.  It's the one everyone knows and while you don't have to use it when you dance bulerías it is a classic step that is great to dance. 

Like everything in flamenco there are variations but this is a good one to start with. 

This is not a beginner step but if you are looking for a challenge I say have a go. The parts that make up the step you already have if you have been practicing for a while. 

Now, I'm not going to pull apart the step to give you the timing today because I want to make another video to describe it in a better way and I'm booked in to the studio to do that next Friday. I think you can use this video to start understanding the mechanics of the step and practice coordinating your feet.