Flamenco Musicality {Llamada por Soleá por Bulerías}


This is part three of a series of videos looking at the musicality of llamadas. To go back and look at the first two videos click through on the links below.

Flamenco Musicality {Llamada por Tangos}

Flamenco Musicality {Llamada por Soleá}

Today's video is an example of a llamada for soleá por bulerías.

I haven't talked about solea por bulerias before so let me give a quick explanation of the rhythm. It is a 12 beat compás that some people say is some where between soleá and bulerías. I think it has echoes of both but it is a compás that is completely unique.

12  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12....

The drive of the rhythm in soleá por bulerías is on count three. The llamada starts on count one but if you listen carefully you will hear the accent on count three is very strong in both the footwork and the guitar.

The llamada is three compas long, it starts on count 1 and finishes in the third compas on count ten. 

Again these are not llamadas for you to learn to do (although if you are up to the challenge please do) I am more interested in you listening carefully and trying the feel the differences in the rhythm. Especially if you compare this llamada to the llamada por soleá.

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