Flamenco Musicality {Llamada por Tangos}


Musicality in dance means to have an awareness and comprehension of the music and rhythm, to connect to it and interepret it through movement. 

Over time I'd like to explore the different elements of flamenco dance with regard to musicality and the shape of the rhythm. I'm diving into an infinite pool here but I think there are some things we can look at to get started.

Today's video is an example of a llamada for tangos.

A llamada (or call) is a group of steps that signal to the singer and guitarist that the dancer wishes to end a section, or begin a new section. It is also an important part of the musicality of the whole dance.

This is the first of three videos I have looking at different types of llamadas. I am interested in you listening to the rhythm of the step not necessarily trying to reproduce it exactly. Why don't you try to sing the rhythm? It doesn't matter what you sing, just find a way to reproduce the sound with your voice. 

This Llamada is four compas long and is danced on both the right and left sides. The step begins on count 1 and ends on count 7.  This is a very typical shape for the tangos llamada.