Flamenco Rhythm {Alegrías}

Demonstration of alegrías guitarra | flamencobites.com

Alegrías is a favourite among many students of flamenco. It is a lively rhythm with an upbeat tempo that can be challenging for beginners.

We have created two videos for this rhythm, the first is a video of 'El Marmol' playing the basic compás of alegrías. 

Alegrías has a compás of 12 beats which starts on count 1.

1  2   4  5   7   9  10  11  12

Half way through the video Manuel stops completely and then starts playing the falsetta for the escobilla por alegrías. He then transitions into playing bulerias por alegrías in which the compás starts on 12 rather than 1. 

When you listen see if you can pick up where this transition happens.