Flamenco Rhythm {Tangos con palmas}


Once you've been practicing for a while you'll naturally find a rhythm that you are happy to work in. For me that rhythm was tangos, for a long time when ever we would work on footwork or marcaje or palmas in class i would relax and think 'Hah! this is so easy! I can do this with my eyes closed'.

Of course this is crazy because as soon as you think something is easy it means there is a big awakening for you just around the corner. For me it was the realisation that I was sitting back and letting the guitarist carry me and I stopped thinking about leading the rhythm, or in other words feeling the rhythm.

You can not rest on your laurels with tangos, you have to keep the energy moving and don't let your self lose speed. You have to keep it steady and keep the swing going. 

The style of palmas demonstrated in the video is palmas sordas.

For a reminder of the structure of the compas you can take a look back at the first video of Manuel playing basic compas for tangos on the guitar

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