Footwork Technique {Planta Tacón Tacón}

Planta - tacón - tacón | this is a great exercise for beginner flamenco dancers to start articulating and strengthening their feet. 

Updated: 21st September 2016

This exercise will further work to articulate the feet as well as start to coordinate using the two feet together.

This is the same step as 'Planta tacón' but before you put the heel down on the foot you have just used to strike the floor with a planta, you lift up the heel of the other foot and strike that heel first, then follow with the heel (or tacón) of the original foot. 

As always remember these rules when doing flamenco footwork.

  • bend your legs a little at the knees so you are in a demi-plié position
  • keep your mid-section contained so your upper body is supported
  • keep your hands on your hips when you are learning a new step (elbows pointed directly out to each side), this also helps to keep your upper body supported