Footwork Technique {Planta Tacón}

Planta tacón - flamenco footwork technique |

Footwork Technique is an important area of study for all flamenco dancers. You can think of your feet as part of the rhythm section of an orchestra, in this case a flamenco orchestra.

When ever you practice flamenco you need to practice these basic technique exercises many many times to strengthen your legs and the muscles of your feet.

Today's exercise is very simple but a perfect building block for many other flamenco steps you will learn.

There are a few things you need to remember when doing footwork...

  • always bend your legs a little at the knees so you are in a demi-plié position
  • keep your mid-section contained so your upper body is supported
  • place your hands on your hips with your elbows pointing directly out to each side, this also helps to keep your upper body supported

 And a few key points about the technique of this step...

  • keep your feet close together
  • when you lift up your foot, lift the foot by bending the leg at the knee towards the back. Never lift the knee up in front of the body.
  • when the ball of your foot (or planta) strikes the floor it should be next to the ball of your other foot.