How to remember any dance step

How to remember any dance step |

One of the most common complaints I hear from students in flamenco dance class is that as soon as they walk out of the dance studio they forget everything that they have just been studying. This means that they find it really hard to practice at home even the simplest of footwork exercises let alone any choreography that they may have been learning.

I hope the videos I've been putting on this website have been helping to jog some memories with regard to footwork but I have a couple more tips that may help you.

Sing Your Footwork

All footwork has a melody, if you can hear the melody you should be able to sing it, if you can sing it you will be able to internalise the step in a lot less time.  

It doesn't matter what or how you sing, as long as what ever you do means something to you, you are golden. 

Take Ten Minutes After Class

I can't take credit for this tip, this one is from José.

If you have time, instead of rushing off after class spend ten minutes going over everything that you have just done. If you can, mark out all the steps quietly in a corner. Or, if you do have to rush off, go over them in your head while your traveling home or in the last ten minutes before you close your eyes at night.

If you can do that you will be astounded at how much you will remember the next time you go to class.