How to warm up for flamenco dance practice

 How to warm up for flamenco dance |

We are often asked to create videos to help dancers warm up before their practice.

We have never created such a video because warming up the body for dancing means different things to different people as it should be because we all have different bodies with different needs.

A good warm up will prepare the body for the dance movements that you plan to do by gradually increasing your heart-rate and circulation. It should also include mobility work that prepares the joints and the muscles for more intense movement. The warm-up also helps to prepare you mentally for what is to follow.

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1.1 Why we've never created a warm-up video.
1.2Why warming up is important.
Elements of an effective warm-up.
2.1 Raising your heart rate
2.2 Mobilising your joints
2.3 Stretching
Designing your warm-up
2.1 Example warm-up structure


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