Flamenco Footwork {Juego de golpe y tacón}

Flamenco footwork technique {Juego de golpe y tacon} | www.flamencobites.com

This is a little footwork exercise that I'd like to share because I find it particularly difficult : )

I thought it might be fun to share and see how you do with it.

This is not an exercise for beginners, it is more of an intermediate level but beginner dancers may like to have a go at doing this step at a slower speed.

The exercise is a for a 12 beat rhythm and is done in double time.

It starts with a golpe, tacón, tacón combo that you have seen before and then in the second half of the compás the single golpe changes to a double golpe. It becomes golpe, golpe, tacón, tacón. 

The first 3 compás are the same, the 4th compás is a continuation of the 3rd with the golpe, golpe, tacón, tacón variation and then finishes with a little run of double golpes.

Don't be fooled, this is one tricky step and it is one I fall out of if I'm not centred over my feet with my weight in the floor.

Check it out in the video below.


If you do have a go and you fancy sharing, record yourself doing this step and share your video on twitter or instagram with the tag #flamencobites.

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