Las Castañuelas {Lesson 2}

Welcome to lesson 2 of our introduction to playing the castanets. 

In this lesson we will be adding another sound to the ones we learnt in our last lesson which comes from a movement called 'El Posticeo'. The onomatopoeic sound for this movement is 'chi'.

'Chi' is the sound made when you hit both castanets against each other.

In the video below José demonstrates an exercise with the posticeo.

The exercise is Chi PI Ta

Chi - hit both castanets together

Pi - middle finger of the right hand 

Ta - middle finger of the left hand

Do you notice how little José moves his hands when he is performing the exercise?

Try to keep you hands from moving as much as you can while you are in first position.

The second exercise is a different rhythm using the two sounds we learnt in the first lesson - 'Pi' and 'Ta'.

The exercise is  Ta Pi Pi Ta.

Ta - middle finger of the left hand

Pi - middle finger of the right hand

Pi - middle finger of the right hand

Ta - repeat middle finger of the left hand

When José performs the exercise at his normal speed, he plays it as a continuous rhythm in triple time.

Ta Pi Pi Ta Pi Pi Ta Pi Pi Ta Pi Pi…


1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4 and a ... 

See how you get on with these two exercises.

In our next lesson we will be introducing you to the carretilla or roll sound that you make with your right hand.


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