Las Castañuelas {Lesson 3}

Ok guys, time for lesson 3.  I hope you have been practicing what we have done so far.

I don't know about you but I am really feeling how much I have worked my forearms after I have finished practicing. Its a good excuse to ask one of your friends to give your arms a quick massage - it makes all the difference.

Today we are going to look at the roll sound or as it is called in spanish the carretilla.

This movement or technique is what most people recognise as the sound of castanets. Its is a smooth roll of 5 beats that is made by the 4 fingers of the right hand tapping out a beat on the right castanet one at a time and it is completed by one beat from the castanet of the left hand.

The name for the sound of the roll is 'ria' where 'ri' is the sound of the right hand and 'a' is the sound of the left hand.

Let's get to it, have a look at the video of José below to learn the correct technique.


Next lesson we will have a combination which uses the carretilla. See you then!