Las Castañuelas {Lesson 4}

Today we are going to put together three of the sounds that we have already learnt to make a new rhythm. 

The rhythm is...

ria ria pi ta

If you have been following along you will know that ria is the roll sound that we learnt in the last lesson, pi is the middle finger of the right hand and ta is the middle finger of the left hand.

Watch José demonstrate in the video below.

We aren't going to stop there today, lets add in some arm movement.

Using the rhythm that we just learnt - ria ria pi ta - we are going to do the following braceo (arm movement).

  • Start in fifth (quinta) position.  
  • Take your right arm out to the side passing though third (tercera) position then up through the centre front and back to fifth position.
  • Repeat this movement with the left arm.
  • Open both arms out to the side passing through second (segunda) position then up through the front coming to rest with your arms back in fifth position.

Practice the arms a few times without the castanets to become familiar with the movement pattern.

If you're not sure about what the different arms positions are, click on the link below to learn them.

Técnica de los brazos {Arm Postions}

When you do add in the castanets try really hard not to drop your elbows as you are moving your arms and keep the the position of your hand in relation to the castanet constant. 



If you are interested in studying castanets more deeply we have a technique class available in our online dance studio danza estudio Flamenco Bites. With maestro Jose Merino you will learn all of the exercises that he teaches his students at his studio in Madrid and how to start combining your castanets with movement.