Las Castañuelas {Lesson 5}


We're up to our 5th lesson for castanets! This will be the last one for a little while, we'll be getting back to some more body work and marcaje so keep an eye out for that.

We are keep with the same rhythm that we learnt last week and add a couple of different layers of difficulty to the braceo.

The first addition is the movement of the head.

As a general rule for beginners it is safe to assume that the gaze of your eyes should follow the hand that is moving away from your body. Of course whenever you get given a rule there are many times when it won't be followed but for now look at your hand as it moves out to the side and then bring your gaze back to centre when your hand comes back up through the centre front of your body.

Coordinating your head with the rest of your body is tricky. Don't put off trying to incorporate it into your practice, just take things slowly and build up the movement pattern over time.

Have a look at the screen shots below to see the position of José's head in relation to the rest of his body.

Next up we have quite an advanced movement which we are going to cover in more detail in a separate post. 

It is known in spanish dance as 'quiebro' - it refers to the diagonal movement both forward and backward of the upper body with a break (in the straight spine) at the waist. 

In combination with the arm movement and the head movement the shoulders and rib cage move to the forward and rear diagonal. Have a look at the screen shots below to see the different positions.

Oh and of course you need to keep the rhythm of the castanets nice and steady, the rhythm is the same it is still ria ria pi ta

This is an advanced movement so don't worry if it doesn't happen right away. Just adding the head movement will be a challenge so stick with that for a while until you get it then come back to the quiebro.