Marcaje por Bulerias

Marcaje por bulerias - Marking step for bulerias |

The simple steps are often the best.

Sure you can have a whole dance full of crazy tricks and super fast footwork but where through of all that where do you get to really be inside the movement, to feel it fully and dance.

Dancing por bulerias is a classic case - the speed of the rhythm is fast, everyone around you is building the high energy with their palmas and shouts of encouragement and you can easily get carried away. 

A good bulerías has space and breath in the movement.

For this you need a good repertoire of simple marcaje with some show-stopping remates sprinkled in. The marcaje that we are showing you today is one you can keep for just this reason.

Marcaje por bulerías

For this step we marked the basic compás as ..

12  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  1  2 ...

To describe the movement I've made a slideshow which you can see below. Each slide has a brief description of each step.

Below  the slideshow you can see the video with the full marcaje accompanied by palmas.