Marcaje por bulerías

Marcaje por bulerias |


This marcaje is relatively simple but there are some details that you need to pay attention to so take your time working through the step.

First lets look at the feet.

This step starts with a kick in front of the body. The kick is a strong accent, try to really kick your foot hard away from the body so that it quickly comes back (bending the leg at the knee). The leg then extends to the back and the foot lands on the floor with a planta.

This marcaje has a six beat rhythmic cycle (which means you do it once on each side for a compas of twelve).

So for now if you think about a cycle of six beats - the kick away from the body is on count one and the planta to the back is count two.

Marcaje por bulerias - the accent on the kick is away from the body

Then you have two steps forward (step forward so your feet are back under your hips) on counts four and six.  The easiest way to think about it is that you start with a kick, step straight back then a step every two beats.

Marcaje por bulerias - compas
Marcaje por bulerias - two steps to front

Have a look at this pattern in the video below. Remember the kick needs to be strong away from the body.

Now lets look at the arms (and head).

The arms are really fun.

  • You start with the arms stretched out in front of the body.
  • You then bring them in towards one hip and circle the hands towards the body.
  • Then you do another wrist circle away from the body and at the same time lengthen the arms back out in front.
  • Now you are ready to repeat the movement to the other side.

The head follows the arms to each side.

Remember to keep your elbows lifted and as the hands come close to your hips you can shift the upper body slightly to make some space.

Marcaje por bulerias - arm movement

The video below demonstrates the movement. Don't worry about the compás with the arms for now. When we do the feet and arms together we'll put them together in the compás.

Feet and arms together

Time to put everything together. 

  • As you kick the arms stretch out in front of the body.
  • When the planta lands on the floor to the back the hands are next to the same hip with the wrists circling towards the body.
  • Hands start moving back to the front (and circling away from the body) at the same time as the two steps.
  • Step repeats on the other side.
Marcaje por bulerias

The main landmarks to hit are the arms with the kick and the arms with the planta to the back after that you can find your own style to come back to the front.

I'm still playing around with how I do this.

You can also play with adding a hip movement with the planta to the side and how much you open the body to the side. You don't want to open it up too much.

Here is the video putting it all together, have a play and see what you think!