Marcaje por fandango de huelva {Quiebro - part 6}

Marcaje por Fandango de Huelva |

Over the last two months we have been looking at the quiebro posture used in flamenco dance.

Today we are going to take the quiebro postures we have looked at up until now a little further and use them all in a marcaje for fandango de huelva.

We haven't spoken about fandango de huelva yet here on Flamenco Bites but the fandango from Huelva is the only fandango that may be danced.

Compás of fandango de huelva

It has a very strict compás and a clear verse structure for the song.

The compás of fandango de huelva is a 6 beat cycle. Throughout the videos below you will hear José giving me palmas for fandangos.

The accents occur on counts 3 and 5 as shown below.

1  2  3  4  5  6   1  2  3  4  5  6 

When you listen to the palmas of José you will notice that he doesn't clap the 6th count except in the video explaining the footwork pattern below.

Los pies

The pies (feet) for this step are quite simple but once combined with the upper body movements you'll find them quite challenging.

You have one step on each beat except count 6. The first golpe starts on count one.

golpe  golpe  patada (kick)   planta  planta 

The golpes are performed side by side in parallel position.

The little kick in the middle there is a fast very small kick in front of the body. The accent of the kick is not when you kick away from the body but actually when the foot comes back in towards your body.

For the plantas, the last planta is placed directly behind the first one - this will make more sense when you watch the video below.

Los brazos con quiebro

This where it starts getting interesting!

You really need to watch the video below to understand this movement but I'll try to explain it in words.

On each side (of the body) you will go to the rear quiebro position then switch to the front quiebro on the same side before spiralling through your centre and performing the same movement on the other side.

The arms move into tercera (third) position for the rear quiebro and then into first position with the forward quiebro - that is first position relative to the position of the torso. You then spiral through centre and repeat the movement on the other side of your body.

The upper body is very busy for this step. 

In order to keep it clear in terms of the rhythm you need to be careful about hitting each position in compás.

Thinking about where your eyes are focusing will help with this as well.

El paso completo

Time to put both parts together.

Before you get going you should know that I struggled with step. It seems simple to watch but there is so much going on that needs to be coordinated. I especially don't hit the rear quiebro as much as I would like to. There is a little bit of quiebro there but I would like to see more.

As well as each individual movement, the quiebro postures will challenge your balance. Remember to only tilt your torso above the waist and keep grounded with your lower body.

The rear quiebro with arms in third position happens at the same time as the ' golpe golpe kick' , you then change the quiebro position in time for the first of the two planta steps. 

The spiral from one side to the next happens on count 6.

One more thing, the first golpe is performed with the opposite leg to the arm that is above your head in third position. 

Got all that??  Hmmm, maybe you better watch the video below.

If you have been following along with all of the quiebro positions this should be an excellent challenge for you.

This is an advanced beginner step but as I said I found working with all of the quiebro positions quite challenging so don't be alarmed if coordinating everything doesn't happen straight away.

If you have any questions let us know in the comments below!