Master Class with Pepa Sanz


On Saturday the 22nd of September we will be inviting a guest artist to the studio to record a masterclass for danza estudio Flamenco Bites.

Our guest will be Pepa Sanz an exceptionally talented dancer, choreographer and teacher.

Pepa will be teaching a masterclass for the palo of Seguirilla.

The level of the class will be low intermediate.

We’ll be live-streaming the recording session and hope to have time for Pepa to answer a few questions at the end of the class.

To join us you’ll need to be a member of danza estudio Flamenco Bites.

We hope you’ll consider joining us, not only will you be able to study with an incredible teacher in Pepa, you’ll be able to access the full library of classes that we already have and most importantly you’ll be supporting the Flamenco Bites project helping us to connect you with more artists who are so generous in sharing their knowledge and art with us all.



Since her debut at age 15 with the "Mariemma Ballet de España" she has been a soloist for various Flamenco and Spanish Dance companies, working with directors and choreographers such as Mariemma, Antonio Ruiz, Pedro Azorín, Juanjo Linares, Antonio Alonso, Alberto Lorca, María Rosa, Mario Maya, Tomás de Madrid, Manolo Marín, Manolete, La Toná, Carmen Cortés, Antonio Reyes, Ricardo Franco, Ricardo Cue, Luis Olmos and Santiago Sánchez among others.

Pepa was awarded the Unesco Aschberg Bursaries Programme for Artists in 2005 and has been an interpreter of award-winning choreographies at the ‘Choreography Competition of Madrid’ in 1995, 2000 and 2003. She was awarded the ‘Grant to Artistic Creativity Alcobendas’ in 1996 and was Guest Artist at the Gala "Danse en Méditerranée 2003".

She was a co-founder of the company "Malucos Danza" directed by Carlos Chamorro where she collaborated closely in all her productions as an interpreter, choreographer and assistant from 2002 to 2011. She has choreographed and collaborated with the companies "Cruceta Flamenco" and "R + D Dance. She was Assistant to the Choreographic Director for the Teatro de la Zarzuela and the company "Europa Danse". She participated in several projects of the company "Flamencos en Route", in Switzerland and was dancer and choreographer for the show "Lola Greco en Esencia", created for the 63rd International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada.

She has made her own creations since 1996, creating in 2001 the company "Girasol Flamenco". In 2010 a new period began with the co-direction of José Merino, with whom she has choreographed various shows and pieces presented in Spain, Argentina, Thailand and Japan, with the support of INAEM, Comunidad de Madrid and AECID.

She currently combines her own creations with her company and with collaborations with the companies "Arrieritos", "Ambulantes Teatro" and her teaching work at the Professional School of Dance of Castilla y León-Valladolid, where she also coordinates the Choreographic Workshop.

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