Llamada por Alegrías [Miguel Téllez]


Miguel Téllez, a respected and talented dancer from Jerez, recently joined us in the studio to record a masterclass for alegrías which will be published soon inside danza estudio Flamenco Bites.

Here we share a llamada por alegrías that Miguel shared in the class which is used to call in the first of two verses. This llamada (and the masterclass) is suitable for intermediate dancers.

The llamada is four compás long and moves through various rhythmic patterns to close with a gesture from the body. It’s a great challenge and fun to learn.

I’ve mapped out the footwork of the llamada below. If you are new to this type of step and you’re giving it a try keep in mind that it is difficult to learn any step from it’s written form. We recommend using the video at the bottom of this post as your main learning tool and if there is anything you’re unsure of after you’ve studied the video you can come back to the written version to clarify things.


The first compás begins on the left with ‘planta tacón golpe golpe’ that repeats until count 10, when there is a change to double time.

Key: P = planta, T = tacón, G = golpe, L = left, R = right, ‘+’ = and



Repeat the same step (planta tacón golpe golpe) starting on the right until count 6, the second half of the compás changes to triple time (all golpes) with accents on counts 8, 10 and 12.



Here the step changes to ‘golpe tacón tacón’ with the count slightly accented on the final tacón of each step until count 6, then double golpes until count 10, step back on counts 11 and 12.



Here the llamada closes with a redoble that moves to some travelling golpes on the off-beat and finally closes with accents on counts 8 and 10 using the body.


Click the image below to watch the video tutorial of this llamada. The video includes subtitles which can be turned on via the ‘CC’ button in the video player.

Miguel Téllez

Miguel Téllez, began his training at the age of 10 studying Flamenco and Spanish Classical dance with maestro Fernando Belmonte. He made his debut at Ballet Albarizuela aged 11 and toured on stage in Spain, Europe and Asia.

In 1995 he joined the Ballet Anthology of Madrid, under the direction of Alberto Lorca, Mario la Vega and María del Sol. Years later, in 1998, he debuted with the company of Eduardo Serrano "El Güito" at the Villamarta Theater in Jerez.

Miguel continued his career dancing in the main national and international theaters and festivals as a soloist and member of several companies with flamenco greats: Manolete, La Tati, Carmen Cortés, Gerardo Núñez, Moraíto Chico, Eva Yerbabuena and Sara Baras, among others.

In 2009 he presented and directed his first show: "Dalearte Flamenco", a work that combines the most traditional and the most current flamenco. Since 2010 Miguel has created choreographies for companies from Canada and the United States and participated in international festivals, such as the Flamenco Festival in Vancouver.

Miguel Téllez has won prizes and recognition throughout his professional career: In 2012 he received the National Dance Award "Perla de Cádiz". And in 2013 the Jondo Flamenco Cultural Association of Madrid recognized his work in Flamenco and mastery giving him the "Flamenca Angel Lacalle Distinction”.

He currently combines his artistic commitments with the teaching of Flamenco Dance at the Amor de Dios Flamenco Art Center in Spain, and with master classes in France, Japan, Canada and the USA.