New class {Introduction to flamenco skirt technique}

 New online flamenco dance class 'Introduction to Flamenco Skirt Technique' |

Using the skirt in flamenco is something that we take for granted but do you know the correct way to pick one up? Do you know how to use the skirt while performing marcaje or footwork?

These are some of the things that you can learn in our new online class 'Introduction to flamenco skirt technique'. 

As you continue your studies of flamenco dance you may eventually go on to learn how to use the manton de manila, bata de cola or abanico. All elements that you can master to create beautiful movement. 

Each of these elements has a huge learning curve because each can be completely unpredictable.

You will never catch the manton in the same place every time you dance,  the bata de cola will obey the laws of physics but it may not obey you and the abanico may go flying across the room. 

What you need to learn as the dancer is the ability to improvise and react on the spot to get yourself where you want to be with your chosen element.

If you get angry or frustrated nothing will work. You need to be able to move with ease and change your plan on the fly. 

The flamenco skirt is exactly the same and studying with the skirt is a great way to become accustomed to working with an element that has a mind of it's own.

You'll never pick your skirt up in the same place twice, you might step on it, it might fall out of your hand.

Whatever happens you'll be ready to act and work with whatever happens in the moment. 

This is what you will begin to learn in our new class on the art of the flamenco skirt.

This class is 27 minutes long and is taught by maestro José Merino. I'm there as the student demonstrating all the exercises you'll be doing.

Although this is a short class it's jam-packed with information about technique and ideas for practice.

This class is available on demand to all premium members of danza estudio Flamenco Bites. For $35 a month you have immediate access to all our classes, a private facebook group and an exclusive members only blog.


This class is suitable for beginner to advanced dancers. If you've been dancing for a while and have never specifically studied skirt technique you might find this class fills in some technical gaps for you.

We hope you enjoy it!

Renae & José