Flamenco Bites presents Paloma Gómez

Flamenco Bites presents Paloma Gómez

We are very excited to introduce you to a wonderful dancer who has generously spent some time with us in the studio recording tutorials which we be sharing with you over the next few weeks here at Flamenco Bites.

Paloma Gómez is a dancer with an incredible career that began at age 17 with the Ballet Nacional de España. She is a master of the disciplines of flamenco, escuela bolera, classical ballet, folklore and Spanish classical dance and most recently has transferred her art to the big screen through the film 'Rotas/Broken' which is about to have it's Spanish premiere in Madrid in late November. 

In the video below José interviews Paloma who speaks a little about her career, her teachers and her new film. She also speaks about her experience travelling around the world teaching flamenco and Spanish dance to international students.

The interview is conducted in Spanish, you can turn on English subtitles by clicking 'CC' in the video control bar.

To begin our series with Paloma we'd like to share with you this video of Paloma's personal style of braceo improvised to a piece of music by Alberto de Paz. 

We hope that you can see and enjoy in this video the beauty and elegance that Paloma conveys through her movement but also we hope that you are inspired to find your own personal style. 

Although we focus on perfecting technique and understanding the fundamentals that we need for flamenco, when it is time to dance there is space to let your personality and your personal expression shine through. 

To find out more about Paloma and where she is teaching next you can visit her website below. Her next workshop will be in Hong Kong from the 8th to the 13th of November, 2016 and then in Madrid over the Christmas period. 

Paloma Gómez Flamenco & Spanish Dance Company

You can follow Paloma on facebook here

Paloma Gómez

Paloma Gómez Flamenco and Spanish Dance

For information about Paloma's film 'Rotas - Broken' you can follow the official facebook page

'Rotas - Broken'