Join the Quiebro challenge

danza estudio Flamenco Bites 'Quiebro' challenge

This month in danza estudio Flamenco Bites we are going to run a challenge around the theme of 'quiebro'.

Quiebro refers to the many different tilted postures of the torso, you can see one example of quiebro in the photo above.

The challenge will start on Tuesday the 5th of June and continue for 7 days. Each day we will release a new video in our members area that examines the technique of quiebro.

The challenge will finish with a LIVE CLASS taught by Jose Merino where he will teach how you can incorporate quiebro into your dancing by exploring quiebro in combination with marcaje por soleá.

The daily videos will be short and sweet, just enough to give you something to work on each day and each day you will build on what has gone before.

If you'd like to join us your can enrol in danza estudio Flamenco Bites by clicking here.