Reader Request {practicing flamenco quietly in an apartment}


For a little while now I have had a little survey question popping up at the bottom of the website asking you what you would like to see me write about. This is my first post covering a requested topic and I thought it would be a great one to start with.

Flamenco is most certainly not a quiet dance form, you are not going to be able to go crazy practicing footwork in your apartment with out becoming very well known by your neighbours and not in a good way. Footwork is not the only thing you need to practice though so you still have many options.


Palmas is not something you learn just so you can understand the rhythms in class, all dancers need to have good palmas and most dancers could do with devoting more time to working on their technique. 

Pick a favourite youtube video and practice accompanying the performance as if you were sitting on the stage, remember you are supporting the other musicians so try to figure out how you might do that.

Do you have a metronome? Practice you palmas by clapping with or against the beat of the metronome just the way you would if you were practicing footwork.


You don't need alot of room to practice working your arms and upper body. I often practice a port de bras just standing in my living room with or without music. Practicing this every day or every other day even for just 15 minutes will give your stamina a huge boost.


Basic marking steps are an important part of your repotoire and the simple steps can be practiced in a small space. Take the time to think about your posture while you are moving. Can you lower your weight a bit more? Can you lift more through your lower back to separate between your upper and lower body? Can you lengthen the back of your neck? These are all small things that you can find when you have some quiet time at home.

Watch and listen to flamenco 

I saved the best til last. We are so lucky to have all the videos that are available on the web these days and the catalogue of performances available is immense. Watching other people perform with a critical eye will help you gain an understanding of how flamenco works. Watch and watch again, its the easiest thing you can do and it is beneficial to your studies.