Tecnica de los brazos {Marcaje with a change of weight}

Photograph of a dancer demonstrating a simple marking step with the weight changing.

Here I am in London waiting for a giant storm that is supposed to be coming through tonight, I want it to hurry up because I love going to sleep with the wind and rain outside but I'll be grizzling in the morning when I have to try and get across town. 

Well while its windy and rainy outside we can still practice marcaje. I know, bad segue but moving swiftly on...

Here we have the basic marcaje from the recent videos with a change of weight. 

The technique for the upper body is the same basic marking technique for flamenco dance that we have learnt before.

The variation here is the lunge forward and back to centre while the arms are moving.  

Don't worry if you wobble at first, just make your lunges slightly smaller and try to support yourself with your abdominal muscles. 

Here I am taking 3 counts to lunge forward and 3 counts to come back to centre.